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XMO:Wolverine New Character BTS Clips

Many thanks to an anonymous poster over at taylorkitsch , who posted this link to several new character and behind-the-scenes clips that should have been extras on the XMO:Wolverine DVD. Unless it's an Easter egg somewhere, I don't find them on either the single-disc, the two-disc edition nor the digital copy. There's a possibility that they might be on the Blu-ray disc set, but unfortunately, I don't have a Blu-ray player and the discs are not compatible, so if anyone knows, please let US know if they are.Thanks!

From here-Gambit, Agent Zero and Victor Creed:



XMO Artwork

Was browsing around DeviantART earlier and came across these that made laugh:

Credit to Miachuii 

and this one.........Deadpool's head!!!***snerk**:

Credit to thomashope

And then, these two that just took my breath away:

Credit to Catherine_OC

...and this one:

Credit to sikuriina

This one ^^^^^ has already been posted over here and I commented....okay, BEGGED, her to do a Gambit one, so hopefully, she will. :) It is just simply a  breathtaking piece of work, and that's just FACT.

Others uploaded here-mostly Gambit-centric, for the obvious reason(**cough**TK**cough**)-but I highly recommend browsing deviantART and using their search engine to find all kinds of goodies-just type in your favourite character and you'll be amazed at what comes up!!:


Must...go...sleep...now.......have to go to work in the morn! :)

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Forbeware_pussycat :

Here ya go, hon! ;)


Scans of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trading cards that we have so far-Geek Boy says there's probably more, that most sets run in the 80-100 card range and we only have about 49 here, so we'll go out looking again and see what else we can find. :)


And is it just me, or was this particular scene not in the movie, 'cause we sure as hell don't remember it if it was:

Anyway, enjoy!!

Will post more if we find 'em.